Pressure washer advice needed

Hi guys,

After using the very good SDoc100 bike cleaner, I want to use a pressure washer to rinse all of the stuff off. I do not have an outside tap for a hose, but do have a water butt in my front garden. I’m aware that some pressure washers can use water from a butt.

What are the things that I need to consider when buying a pressure washer? Is there anything else that I may need to know when using one. I’m aware of not using them on bearing as they can blow out all the grease.

Thank you.

ive only ever used a karcher Washer & not the cheapo sh*t from B&Q

when buying look at the output pressure the cheepos can vary I think mines around 140psi its about 6 or 7 years old now

mine works off the water butt in the garden

your better off paying that little bit more for a middle to top end model

don’t leave them where they can freeze in the winter no matter how good it is

some ppl say don’t use pressure washers on motorbikes I do probably about 6 times a year

but only once or twice a year with fairing & tank off jobby

Make sure that the water is filtered. That last thing you’ll need is to running grit through a pressure washer.

Also have a look at getting a copper disk and a silver disk to drop in the water but. One should keep the algae away and the other should kill off any other nasties.

I use bosche from b&q. 2 years old and still good but I do look after it.

I have a Karcher one and all I can say is get one with few different fittings …mine also has a built small tank for soap/cleaner which comes really in handy.

ps dont pressure clean barefoot…

Don’t be idle, buy a bucket and spend the change on petrol :slight_smile:

… and for those lazy Sundays run it through a Ford free of charge:)

Don’t fire it at your rad fins, any seals, and any bearings.

I bought a Karcher K6.80m in 2009 and it is still going well.

I have a basic model Karcher (about a year old) and it can definitely work of a water butt.

In my humble opinion, don’t use a preassure washer at all. I used to do my old Bandit with one and I since learned there are better ways. Preasure washing just pushes the dirt into places you’ll never reach and may screw your electrics up etc. As many probably already know, you have to deal with the muck in the right order. with the right stuff.

WD40/GT85 sprayed on to cut the oil/grease, moved around with a small paint brush.
Any half decent car shampoo.


Gets it cleaner than any preassure washing for a fraction of the price.

If not Karcher.

I bought a Karcher from the outlet store… refurbished but works perfectly… has done for past 2 years. One thing is to try and keep it indoors/ relatively warm in teh winter or freezing water will damage it.

Just bought the cheapest one…

I’ve a Nomad battery powered electric sprayer. Not as powerful as a pressure washer but you can use it anywhere. Works well to do the job you want .

More expensive but portable… I can even hose off the dogs with it after a muddy walk.

Thank you all for your input. I’ve learnt a lot here.

After considering all the advice on here, and other forums, this is what I ended up buying

I have one of them for cleaning the bike and cars