Premier Helmets - dealers in S.London

Got my eye on a certain helmet from Premier, but I can’t find anyone who actually stocks them in South London (within the M25).
Does anyone know a dealer they’d recommend who physically stock the Premier Helmets range?
Thanks in advance!

I’ll be honest I’ve never heard of them before. Quick google, the only place that I could find was:

Helmet City - Tatsfield
Waylands Farm
Approach Road
Surrey / Kent Border
TN16 2JT

They are just inside the M25.

Yup, I’ve tried them, although the website shows that they stock the brand, each physical shop is a franchiser who choose their own stock. And Tatsfield don’t stock the Premier lids!
Very annoying because they’re the nearest place!

Sounds like a good excuse for a ride out :grin:

I agree - but where to?? :wink:

On Ye Bike sell this one,|black

One of the other Helmet City franchises? If you are lucky they will have them in West Bay, not that you should need an excuse for a trip to Dorset so should just go anyway. But Chichester and Oxford are not that far from London. Fewer cliffs though and less sea, though.

SportsBikeShop seem to sell them, and they now have a shop in Milton Keynes as well as Boston. And if they do carry the model you want, their web site will also tell you if either shop has it in stock.