prefer my 2005 to the 2011 hornet

was following and sitting (at the lights) next to a new 2011 black hornet this morning.

to be honest seeing up close i still prefer my '05. ok its much better than the 2007+

but still i prefer the round headlight, pointy (raised) tail, high exhaust, gold forks and speedo cluster. :kiss:

thinking about it the 2011 looks like a feminine version of the CB1000R :w00t:

note that that is purely based on looks! :smiley:

YOU are commenting on looks??? :stuck_out_tongue:

+1 when I was looking for a change to the 2001 Hornet I didn’t like the new one, one little bit.

It does have one ugly face.

i mean this one

have you looked at your rear lately! :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s nothing wrong with my rear… in fact it’s the reason I bought the bike! I’m not the one that bought a bike that looks like David Dickinson :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh this feud is going to go on for a while!!!

Serrisan (25/05/2011)

should have gone to specsavers :smiley:

whos david dickinson?

hahaha… color wise ok… ill give you that…

but take another look at your g-th-rs rear :smiley:



Yeah. That’s why I replaced my 2001 hornet in 2008 :smiley: … with an Rrrrrrrrr-Sexy instead :hehe:

I prefer my old 2000 Hornet 600FS - That fairing saves a load of grief on longer distances :D(not my bike below, but pretty much the same)

I always liked the 2003 one

That’s the 2007+ one. :stuck_out_tongue: