Predictive text names

When you type your name in Predictive Text what does it say first?

My name (Andy) comes up as “BODY:smiley:

Mrs CM (Jill) comes up as “KILL”:w00t:

I was sending Brian (B) a text at Donington. He comes up as “ASIAN”:D:D

What’s yours come up as?:cool:

Garry comes up as Happy

it appears to think I’m a website:

Nokia like to call me fan :smiley:

i swear thats not even a word :s

Anna comes up as ‘bomb’ :smiley:

oh no! i cant play! ive got a blackberry so ive got a smaller version of your normal asdf keyboard and dont need predictive text as a result - when I type ‘Gabs’ - there is nothing else that CAN come up…

Chunks - you should be on one of these reality TV show thingies - you seem to come up with an endless array of stuff to keep everyone occupied :wink:

i HATE!!! predictive text so i have no idea wht mine is…

someone try it…:smiley:

im Chemoa :crazy:

apparently you’re streetwise Ratty… you come up as Savvy

Hmmm t9 crashes when I try to input my name :w00t:

my name is vanisha but when i text it it would come up as Vanish?

haha well i am an east london boy…ya get me…:smiley:

or i could be jack sparrow…SAVVY!:w00t::wink:


My name comes up

Graham = Graham

Ginger = Ginger

Thats funny… When I type in “Ginger” it comes up Knob Jockey:smiley:

Rana = sanc

Ive added my name to my dictionary so doesnt give anything else for me… :wink:

You are Ranchinuis:cool:

Boringly, “Mick” comes out as “mick”, and “MickyWiz” as “mickwwiw”.

However, it has always amused me that if you type “Scots” it comes back as “Pants”. :smiley:

(looks round uneasily for Trojan…) :wink:

After five letters it comes up as ‘bodi’ then after all 6 im ‘codifa’ :ermm: