Being a massive massive Predator Fan i thought i’d share this…

out on the 9th of july…one not to miss!!:cool:

:cool:My favourite film outside of Aliens :hehe:

Cool - Alien series are my faves, but love the Predator films as well, and the AVPs…

Can’t wait for Alien 5 :smiley:

good movies are made by the cast and i can tell this one will miss the mark


New Alien film and new Predator film. Could cinema get any better?

think your way off the mark dude…

the story line is for this one is better than any of the others;)

wont give too much away…but theres between 3-13 preds!! they are difrent evolved preds, pred dogs are in it too, and its not on planet earth…fishbourne’s chracter in it has been there longer than the others…and he has a pred bio mask and pred weapon;)

dont think it could bud!!:smiley:

Not until the new AvP is released, anyways :smiley:

AVP2 was good, Wolf the predator in it was an elder…he dealt with the Aliens!

made the whole story more intrestign i thought, i think the new predators will blow the AVP’s away, the director has said he intends it to be a predator 3 not anything to do with the AVP’s, plsu the predators in it are what they have named ‘Black Predator’ they have difrent skin patterns etc evolved preds baisiclly.:cool:





You start reading some of the rumours and it could be a fantastic time in the cinema if they come to pass.

Aliens 5 - the Scot brothers are involve and is going to cover details before the nostromo.

Predators - looks like it will be a new sequel to the original and might even have Arnie in it.

Aliens - Potentially there might even be another film based totally around Ellen Ripley.

And to top it all there is another Tron film coming.

I think that I’ll be stewing in my own juices.

intrestingly the Pred Bio mask fishbourne has…is a pretty much an exact same as the very first pred arnie fought…

i think fishbourne is replacing arnie in it…either way it looks liek its gonna be a good one!!:cool:

so thats why predator 1 & 2 was on last night on film 4 , it looks like its gonna be good i hope it has a decent plot like avp 1 and not like avp 2


AVP1 was 3 teenage preds goign throught there rights of passge into adulthood…parts of it were silly!

AVP2 was an Elder (the first time one had been seen even in P1 &P2 they were not elders) go up against the Predalien-wich was awesome-…the soppy love dovey bit was crap i agree but overlook thta and it was a good film, the elder mashed up the Aliens!:smiley:

When they gonna do a Robocop vs. Terminator? :smiley:

dead or alive punk…your coming with me…:smiley:

AWESOME :smiley: lolz

Can’t wait for this to come out, looks great.

me thinks i`m gona go cinema to watch this :smiley:

theres talk of a rideout to watch it on the 9th of july when its comes out;)

Wonder if they will show it at the drive in out in Elstree !

Bring a deck chair !