Pre-Sausage Sizzle ride-out

We are thinking of a bit of a ride tomorrow before the BBQ. The weather forecast looks good, anyone fancy a mid-ish day start (Ace area) for ride to end up at the venue, anyone interested? Open to offers at the moment for a route.

Based in the English southern counties despite the photos to the contrary.

Judging by the weather I think I shall be getting the Oxhey ferry to the pub. :frowning:

weather forecast good for tomorrow.


Anything has to be better than today :stuck_out_tongue:

So who`s comming for a ride?

Details ???

If anyone wants to meet at the Ace, let us know all else is flexible and can involve other pick up points.

What time ?

This is all a “work in progress” at the moment.

We want to ride somewhere tomorrow. We are going to the BBQ in the evening. We could ride out and end up there, or alternatively have a ride out and go there afterwards. We don’t really mind where we go, can plan a route depending on peoples’ requirements (as to meeting places). One idea is to go to the Hellfire Caves at West Wycombe as there are lovely rides on the way there and on into the Chilterns, and the caves are fun to visit if you have not been there.

PM us if you want to meet somewhere other than the Ace, we only said we might start there as we live nearby, but really anything goes.

Let us know what you want to do


Do you have a rough idea of what time you might leave Ace and when do you expect/intend to get to the BBQ ?

We thought about leaving the Ace about 11 ish, but if you are South (sorry, can’t remember where you are) we could meet you elsewhere.

As for arrival time, all negotiable, options open

Am 20 minutes west of the Ace,

Might see you in the morning :smiley:

Look out for you.