Pre-CBT Helpful?


Just wanted to know if anyone has done a pre-CBT and if they found it helpful? I’m going for mine tomorrow.

Thanks a lot,

Mak :wink:

Nope. I passed my bike test in the early 80’s, before CBT, before theory tests, before the two-part test and before the latest module tests. Crickey, that probably means I’m older than you. Guess you’re in a better position now than I am Mak. Go for it youngster, and the best of luck with it.


Thanks so much for the encouragement, it means a lot. Have a nice day and ride safe. :wink:

I have a book that helped me a bit with all this license and testing malarky, if I can find it I will let you know what it it. It gave a good idea of what to expect from Mod 1 & 2 as well as covering stuff they don’t normally tell you in training.

I did a half hour thing before CBT, I lets the school know what level you at.
I had the book learn to ride, found it more useful after the CBT, things like hill starts ect
It’s a bit of background reading.

I regularly teach people to ride CBT who have never ridden a bike before. That’s what it’s designed for so I’d give a pre-CBT a miss.

@Stuart Fordyce
That’s what I was thinking!

Glad you found it useful ,did my pre-CBT found it helpful.

Glad it helped you, some people find things like these a waste of time and money.

Hey YLrnBikerLDN,

How did you get on?


I went for the pre-CBT and it was great! At first I was bricking it, after a bit I really enjoyed it. Me and the biting point, however; are not the best of friends. We’re getting there though. I didn’t have my own gloves as I couldn’t find any that fit, so used the smallest they had and those didn’t fit properly either.

The bike I was on was old and the biting point was nearly all the way out (about less than a pound coins with from fully out). She said use your finger tips to feel it and my finger tips weren’t touching the ends so I couldn’t feel it until I reved it a lot and extended my fingers way out. It started to hurt my hand and I think I strained it a bit, it’s red and sore.

I started to get a good feel for the bike proper riding around happily and then…the bike starts to slow down. I go harder on the throtel then I realise the bike is slowing down more, I go to stop the bike and the bike just stops. The bike is broken, I’m bricking it thinking that I broke it. “Oh crap!” is my first reaction then “Please God don’t let me have broken this bike, I don’t wanna have to pay £500.” She tries to fix it, FAIL. So calls for a truck, man comes tries to fix it FAIL! So I got car back. She says come back for another, as the bike broke down; but it’s not necessary. I can go staright into my CBT if I want, she thinks if I go for another pretty much guaranted pass. I think I’m gonna go for another one so I can prove to myself I can do it and therefore pass my CBT first time.

She got me to manover the bike without the engine on, she said hug the bike with your thighs. So I did and then she said move the bike around, I did. I did this quite a bit, she thought I was gonna drop it and I was like no; I got this! After all this my thighs and hips are killing, as grandma says “Pain a lick your skin.” :expressionless:

Where did you do this?

@Stuart Fordyce

I did it at Bikewize, north cheam.

Ah OK, I work out of Phoenix Motorcycle Training, either at Foots Cray or Croydon. We tend not to have bikes that break down…

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@Stuart Fordyce
It’s all good. When I go for my A1, I’ll call you guys. :slight_smile: