praise yet again for The motorcycle service centre!

Again this place astounds me at how good they are!, i turned up on Harriet for her first MOT and had also coolant change, oil change and filter plus wheel balnced all for £55.00!! bargain, brilliant, these boys know their stuff!!!

All that for 55 quid?? Thats dirt cheap! Post up their details Westie.

Yes post up Westie…I need to take our new one in for a carb balance and engine tune as she is running a little rougher than I would like…plus we need a new chain and sprockets fitted.

thanks fella.

I think this is the place Westie is on about

Dunno, it says £85 for a service + cost of parts

Actually Charley i was given a discount cos i know the guys, but they are top quality, and dont scrimp on cheap parts!. I had a genuine yam filter, decent oil, and my wheels checked, plus i get my mot trade price, so thats why so cheap, but even so without discount, they are flippin good value for money, and quite a few peeps on here have used em and reccommended them too. Dont knock em till you have tried thanks.

Charley why do you feel the need to be so destructive on every post i seem to put up? is this possibly because you feel annoyed that you didnt get my deauville or is it that you purely like to voice your “expert opinions” on everything?.

I meerly posted up about the service that “i” had recieved, i dint state at any point that all this work would cost joe bloggs £55.00, and whats all the crap about " a fazer rider?". All i can say is that i am getting so sick of the negative and pointless responses from you, and i think its come to the stage where you need to back off and let people make up their own decisions,

I am part of LB to help other people and give them any tips i can, i dont know of one other person on here who does this to one individual, so please lets not have anymore.

To be fair, I don’t think I know of anyone that puts their bike in for a service without asking for a guesstimate of what it’s going to cost. I certainly don’t.

So let’s put the handbags away and let TMC enjoy its 15 minutes of fame eh?

my handbags away!!! ha ha!

whoa boys and girls…

Westie, it does sound as if your initial post means that the price for the work done is going to be £55 but then you point out after questioning that this is because you know them and get it at trade so the next punter through the door is going to be disappointed that they haven’t got it all done as cheaply.

I don’t know about Charlie stalking you… but if you post up something that is misleading you should expect a bit of ‘constructive’ criticism.

Got inforad for £40
Datatool S4 for £220
Tracker was £219
Tomtom rider £150

All that fitted… Thanks Charlie

N.B.: Price quote are only for French mates part of the airsoft team… Anyone else should expect to pay normal price…

ok well i can say i am sorry for anyone who may take these prices as misleading, i obviousley did not word it correctly. But this was not i quote " deliberatley misleading". That is a unfair comment to make, and yes Nutz i can expect some critisism for a post when i am not clear, as we all do.

Again i dint state that Charley was as you put “stalking me”. I would like to put this behind us and move forwards.

well I didn’t put ‘deliberately misleading’ either… should have gone to specsaves

Misleading in the sense you did not wilfully wish to mislead not deliberately misleading in that you are doing it on purpose. Now lets not fall out because it seems there are a lot of thin skinned people round here. Its not a rude or insulting comment, no I don’t have to apologies for anything… Its just a misunderstanding

westfazer, you say you know some of the guys that work at the TMSC?

Can you give me the lowdown on the english guy that is usually behind the counter, He doesent seem to do any mechanical work.

Is he the owner? because i find the Irish guys fine, nice guys, as are the mechanics behind the scenes. But this one im talking about (balding, and wears glasses) is he the owner/manager, because he seems to get away with being rude to many people including myself, and while waiting on those chairs many a time for work to be done i have seen him aggravate a few people to the point they stormed out… and some of the scornful looks his colleagues give him… well i can only guess he must have some authority there otherwise he would be out of a job…

the guy you are refering to isnt the manager, he is a employee there, i havent seen him aggrevate any customers, he has always been very pleasent and helpful when i have been there. All the boys are good as gold, i wouldnt take my bike anywhere else.

Must just be me then, maybe he doesent like the look of my face, and when he see’s it he turns into someone with the manners of a small potato.


oh dear, cant really suggest anything!

Er…you could change your bike’s name from Harriet to “Big Death Killer Brutal Trottle Mega Hell Murder Machine” perhaps?

Glad to hear your happy with the work Westie!

Always a pleasure to work on your bike, it is certainly something to be proud of!

Motorcycle Service Centre