PRAISE - Yet again for Essential Rubber

One phone call to confirm tyres were in stock, roll up at 5:00pm roll out with new tyres, rear pads & front wheel bearings by 5:30pm and at a very good price.

Really cannot ask for more.

Top folks.

Its a pleasure to give them business :slight_smile:

I just back from having Avon Storm Ultra II’s fitted on my Blackbird.

My first time to their “new” place.

All continues to be good :smiley:

Oh and as of today they can do MOT’s on site again.

Since I’ve posted about 5 times in their favour I guess on the balance of fairness I should post this :

I checked the pressures the day after fitting and they were both about 34psi. My Blackbird should be 42/42 as standard. :ermm:

Always check everything yourself.

Thanks to me lol, I setup the Vosa workstation for them, was the last bit they were waiting for.


They forgot to do up the tensioners on my rear wheel after a tyre change once. Rolled up at Brands 3 days later with a chain that was almost touching the floor…couldn’t figure it out since I had checked the tension of the chain before I left Essential.

had lots done on my bike there recently, super dooper prices, good banter and never had a problem myself:D

had my clutch pushrod seal replaced, my dust boot in my clutch slave cylinder, and new C+S, juts about to pop down and have my piston seal in the slave cyclinder done.

ive just had new tyres, brake discs and pads fitted by them and a service all is 100% again now

ready for wales.