PRAISE - Yamaha Service Centre (Fulham)

I took my R1 to the Yamaha Service Centre in Fulham because Metropolis (from here on in known as Muptropolis) had basically f’ed up the installation of a new Throttle Position Sensor to replace the Yamaha recalled faulty TPS. Muptropolis then charged me though the job was a warranty one and should have been free.

A few days later, I called up the Yam centre and was told that Metropolis had basically ****ed up, but all was now sorted and I could come and collect.

I arrived and top bloke Paul, told me about the state the bike was in…

TPS fitted but not calibrated…Old seals not removed causing the throttle cables to bind and stick…Air box screws missing.

I was disgusted…Why would a place like Metropolis, as big as they are, hire incompetent service technicians?..(I remember seeing a Ducati 999R in their workshop and fearing it’s safety).

Paul told me that I should not have been charged for the ‘work’ Muptropolis did on my bike and that I should take it up with Yamaha…He also informed me that the work the Service Centre had just done was also not chargeable and I rode out of there with a working bike and a grin on my face.

I sent a letter to customer service manager Nick Girling at Yamaha Motor UK, telling him exactly how I had been treated and a few weeks later I received a crispy cheque of the amount I had paid Muptropolis, with an apology.

These guys at Yamaha Service Centre are the only people that will work on my bike in future…Big up the Fulham crew


1a Grimston Road

I bought my FJR from the Yamaha Service Centre in December 2002. Paul, Lou (his dad) and Simon are an agreeable lot to deal with. I have always felt confident that I was riding away on a machine that had been properly serviced. On many levels I can recommend the YSC.

However, I have a couple of reservations:

I like a phone call if anything needs replacing that I hadn’t anticipated. It seemed like at every warranty service I was paying for something unexpected: a rear tyre that still had life in it. An Avon replaced with a Bridgestone. Brake pads that still had wear in them. (Things that would have been much cheaper to buy at Watlings.) Minor stuff that just ran the bill up. The bills. Oh, Lord, the bills.

My last service was at 28,000 miles – out of warranty. The cam chain was replaced. I was assured that the chain was beyond the ability of the cam chain tensioner to deal with it. I got a bill for £1,100.00. The bike runs great, but I can’t help feeling I was mugged.

The irony after reading your post? I was considering Metropolis as a replacement… what about Infinity in Clapham? Do they all charge £60/hr for labour? Even when the apprentice is doing the work?

As the bike’s out of warranty, maybe I should try and find an independent, local mechanic. Any recommendations in south London?

I went to Infinity in Clapham for a service on my bike. They had the bike for three weeks because they couldn’t get hold of a set of head bearings. It’s a CBR600 - hardly rare!! They said it was a problem with their suppliers!? Then they told me that the fan wasn’t working and did they want me to look into it? I told them in no uncertain terms that it was working when I took it in so it should still be working! I went to pick it up and they vaguely said ‘oh we took it out for a ride and the fan started to work’. Ok. Anyway I took it home and sure enough it ran hot and no fans. I looked under the seat and found the fuse had gone! Why did they not check the fuse and why did they tell me it was working when it obviously wasn’t!

I few months later I had some crash repair and the MOT done at 21st Moto, a Honda dealer and they said the head set was knackered! When they investigated they had to use a scaffold pole to undo it!!! Infinity had done it up so tight the bearings were shot. On that basis plus the fact they were very expensive I haven’t been near them since.

The work at 21st Moto was great and they were really friendly and informative although when I got the bike back the horn didn’t work. I found the wire connection wasn’t on properly. So how did it get through the MOT with no horn???

Now I use Pole Position . Greg the boss is super helpful especially with a newbie like me and actually often recommends I don’t need certain work done or cheaper ways to do it so he’s not in the market to rip you off!! They stay open late too which is a huge help when you have a 8 - 6 type job. You can watch them work on your bike too which I like. I would recommend them all the way!

Hey Mike, what you expect they’re Poles!!! Fully recommended to everyone, not only Poles


Poles are great! Our cleaner is polish too and she’s a machine!

Thanks for the tip. I go by there all the time. Convenient for the 63 bus route. I wonder if they’ll even give my bike a polish? (sorry)

£30/hr sounds a bargain after what I’ve been forking out.


I’ve used Pole Position as well and they are a decent crew. They do let you watch the work taking place and do check that things are done up, tightened etc… Thumbs up from me too. Had a snapped chain adventure right outside their shop and so went to them for help. It was expensive, but got me on the road again.

I can highly recommend Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn. Bandit Bikes in the city are also pretty good.

Southern Cross Motorcycles
2 Maygrove Road

Work shop: 020 7328 1428

Bandit Bikes Ltd
52 Nelson Street,
E1 2DQ.

020 7780 9346