Praise - defo worth a look for all

Ok was mailed this comparison site and as my insurance is due on the car (although they do bikes as well) I thought I would give it a crack upto trying this my best quote was £411 £305!! what a saving so go on give this one a crack

thought i’d try the site…

eBike£3677.10£800£576.56 + (9 x £398.51)

hahah ok so i have an mv agusta and live on broadwater farm but even so…

try these guy’s - access underwriting (they are superbike specialists that performance direct use, you can get quotes direct from their website - phoning is better - but they cut out the price of intermederies - which for me now, with one claim & 3 points saves me £1000 !!!)

They also have no 28day waiting period in the event of a theft - for pay out!!!