Wasp did a great job fixing my James Dean style leather jacket. If you’ve got leather garments that need fixing, adjusting or styling she’s the first person you should call.

Awwwww thanks luvvie:D

Did you get back to the Ace in time for the rideout? i do hope so…i went out on me scoot and ended up limping home with a rear puncture!:w00t: found a very tasty sized staple in me tyre…feck knows where i picked that up from:angry:

Yes I made the rideout. I called ahead and thankfully they waited for me. By the end of the day I’d done about 300 miles. My only regret is that I didn’t arrive early enough at your gaff to have a cup of tea.

Rotten luck with the staple.

Catch you soon.

Where’s the photo of the jacket then?:smiley:

I’m wearing it in my profile photo. I’ll get a better photo and post it soon.