praise wasp

as above thanks for doing me leathers, fit sweet now around my gut;) thanks for putting up with me twice too as i can be lively at best of times, on the plus side you got a glanze of my thighs so everyones a winner :P:D lol thanks dude and il deffo use you when the elathers get trashed again :w00t:

No worries Oink;) glad we got it right EVENTUALLY(although should have done it my way to start with:P)OOOOH those thighs mmmmmmm:D so when am i gonna get inked?:wink:

well i told you my way was right lol doh!!! i must rem im not a leather botherer and leave it to the pro’s :wink: hahaha much nicer now i can breath in them too:D ive drawn ya design up already so next visit il ink ya or you can come to mine etc you wana play on the horse anyhows dont ya? either ways im easy dude :w00t:

You name the day and i’m there!!:smiley: got to meet Bez :wink:

ok let me get the festive crap out the way and clear a free day, no checking my rear out though if we go riding:w00t: lol

Looks like another subject to move to the Adult Only section:w00t:

sorry :blush: im very excitable tis all :smiley:

As always!:stuck_out_tongue: Oh jetstream we aint adults…more like hyperactive kids!!:smiley: