Praise - WASP leather alterations

Big up for WASP (aka Samm) for altering my Dainese leathers. Not only have extra bits been lopped off, but armour has been moved to appropriate positions! The best bit of it all is a custom made patch which Samm designed for me and attached to my leathers. It all looks fab, and was really, really reasonably priced. She also went the extra mile to deliver em to me at The Ace.

Thanks Samm!

My pleasure luvvie

Glad your pleased with the patch its another one for the portfolio!

yes the pufter girl looks grand in green!, seroiusly good work though!!

Hey westie luvvie hows yuor new toy?? We have to make you a grrrrrrrr tiger patch!

Hi WASP? can u tell me if u can make the waistband on hein gericke celtic jkt a bit bigger? im finding the sports style a bit restrictive…want some more room and no its not cos ive put on weight, ive actually lost…but when i put it on i feel like its “pinching” me in? i dont want it let out a lot, but just about an inch either side more?

Hi luvvie yeah not a problem can add stretchy panels in the sides so they dont pinch but give you more room if needed

ooooo keti sounds cool! pics??

Not taken any yet! (I’m slacking )

Thanks for the Tank Cover patching :slight_smile:


Which looks like this on the bike :slight_smile:

No problem George luvvie…see thats the sort of custom job i like:D

Will have to get you to do the same with my jacket next… Don’t know when though, I’m nearly always wearing it :cool:

Lovely work WASP:)

Can you post some more pics of your patches on here or links to them?:slight_smile:

Ahhh…now thats the problem most of my pics got lost when my old computer crashed! and then my scanner/printer/copier spat its guts out and even my portfolio can’t be updated til i get a new one!:hehe:

Here’s a few i have on me pc