PRAISE Waltham Cross Motorcycles

Had a couple of unexpected little twitches from the rear end on the way home from work on Thursday, didn’t pay it any attention as the road was a little wet. A couple more twitches on the way in on Friday and a positive rear end slide coming home. Finally checked the rear tyre, I know I should have done it on Thursday. The tyre was under-inflated and I found a ground off nail/screw shank embedded in the centre of tread.

Rang Waltham Cross Motorcycles at about 10am, dropped bike off at about 10.30 and they had it all plugged and sorted and I was back on the road by about 11.15am

Thank you Waltham Cross Motorcycles

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Another shout out for Waltham Cross Motorcycles.
A slow leak in the front tyre on my Trident had been annoying me for some time and seemed to be getting worse. Couldn’t see any obvious cause. After it had been fixed (in a very quick time on a busy day!) the mechanic came out to explain that whoever had originally fitted the tyre (not WCM…) hadn’t cleaned and reapplied the bead seal properly and wasn’t sealing properly in one area. All fixed now.
This is, I think, the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been to WCM and the staff are always exceptionally helpful and pleasant (even when really busy, as they seem to be all the time!).

I had this on a car once - the tyres had been fitted by the main importer and dealer :roll_eyes:

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