Praise - Various

Well after the off I had my leg trapped under the bike. Two people stopped and pull the bike off me and call the police and the ambulance, and waited till they turned up. I didn’t get your names but thank you.

The police who pushed the bike down the road to the local cop shop, and also politely pointed out to the council they need to put up warnings.

The hospital staff who were quick and efficient.

Karen and Jonny at Hanger Lane for sorting me out a new helmet, and plied me with plenty of tea. Many thanks

And Slocombes, especially the parts - James who not only sold me a replacement brake level he also fitted it there and then, and straighten the rear lever as well, and only charged me for the brake level.

Many, many thanks to you all.

And last but by no means least, the driver in the white van who drove round the right hand side of the keep left bollards to get round me so he could carry on down the road. Thanks for the help when I couldn’t breath and was trapped by the bike. I hope that it never happens to you, you lice infected, boil covered scrotum of a sweaty camel.

Kevsta, hope your back is not further scuppered by this off. The white van driver needs the covered in honey and dipped in bees option too you know!;):wink:

I understand what you are saying re: white van driver, but its clear he felt he had done enough, by going to the other side of the road.

Cheers Tinker, that made me laugh!

good news fella and fingers in the middle for the van driver! :wink: