Ive been using this stuff cause I have useless central heating, It’s amazing, tried it on the bike today with nothing else on under my jacket and I was roasty toasty,
Seems cheaper than alot of base layers in the bike shops too!

I brought some while I was out in Japan, wish I had got more.
It’s really good. I’ve got the leggings too.

I’m sure it’s good but it’s still twice the price of Campri sports base layers at Sports Direct…

Uni Qlo had a massive shop on Oxford St which is now a building site - anyone know where they relocated to?

There used to be two on Oxford St.

They were a few hundred yards apart & on opposite sides of the road, so I presume the other one is still there?

There is a shop on Oxford St ! near sports direct, The extra warm stuff is amazeballs, Girlfriend swears that the leggings are the best going also. just remember to take it off when you get inside anywhere warm, currently at work and super warm after wearing it this morning, forgot to bring my work shirt, D’oh!

Their site says -

311 Oxford Street - London Flagship Store
170 Oxford Street
Regent street
Westfield Stratford city
Westfield London White city
High street Kensington
Bluewater Shopping Centre Kent

Thanks for the heads up, I’ve been thinking of getting some to see if it’s any good, I’m buying it online as we speak :grin:

Smarty pants over here went out and bought two sets of the Campri Base layers. Nice shout @yourebarred, owe ya one!

Thought I’d chip in too - bought two Tshirts when they were on sale a good two years ago, and they are great - I get hot just wandering around house in them never mind not needing much else when on the bike! Does what it says on the tin.

Hmm, I’m going to nip into the SD on the way home and get some Campri layers. Have a track day at Brands Hatch this Saturday and the weather is showing a max of 6C… Not sure I want to freeze my bottom off.