Praise; Tools2u (Ebay seller)

Last week I bought myself a cheap impact gun on eBay, a long story short I bought the wrong Ebay listing, I told the seller which item I was meant to buy and they issued the refund. The downside was they accidentally sent it as an e cheque which takes a week to clear. They admitted their fault immediately and tried to cancel it, (turns out you can’t cancel an echequ refund).

Regardless of them no longer having my money they still sent the item as I had already explained I needed it soon.

We agreed I would repay when the echequ had cleared and they have not chased me for it at all. (It was paid for as promised by the due date)

But it is nice to know people can still be trusted.

*nice to know people still trust strangers

nice to know you can edit posts too :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds good.  Will take a look at their site.

I tried too but my phone doesn’t recognise the ‘edit’ button… :thinking: