Praise to the AA

I needed to bring the Z up to London this morning from home (I am still technically a London Biker as I do most of my riding in London - just choose not to live there any more… :slight_smile: ) Anyway set of from Cheltenham @ 6am and was pottering along to Oxford when the clutch cable went stiff and then a few miles later it parted. I managed to get to the services on the A40 as I thought I might have a long wait.

Called the AA at 7am, 7:18am van arrives, nice chap called Steve fitted a temp. clutch cable & I was off by 8 - wonderful!

I am sure that some of it was luck, because I have had a couple of long waits, but this time - perfect, well worth the money.


Ah another Cheltenham (onian?) :smiley:

Good to hear that… with the RAC when I got caught in Cheltenham (admittedly at my flat on a Bank Holiday lunchtime) they said it would take 4+ hrs for someone to get to me… apparently because of the M5 stretch there it’s very difficult to get vehicles out… I’m sure mine was a one off but in any situation 4+hrs seems a bit excessive!!!

Yup, another Cheltonian (well Cleeve Hill ‘onian’). I like the concept of rush hour in Cheltenham compared to London :slight_smile:


Except for race week when it’s just as bad especially round your part of town! :slight_smile:

So do you commute to London? :w00t: I’ve always wondered myself if it’s possible

Even during the race week it is only like a quiet day in London…

I work at home 2 days & then 3 days in London, staying overnight. I use the coach as it is much cheaper than the train, but could not do it everyday.