Praise - to a white van driver...!

Thank you to the van driver on the approach to the main roundabout in Lewisham who saw me heading down the bus lane & put on his amber roof lights to warn me of the car coming through into a side road. I never go fast down bus routes exactly because of this, but well spotted sir… ! The car driver also noticed and did not shoot straight through.

If only all commutes could be filled with considerate and alert people :slight_smile:

that’s incredible :slight_smile: I hope you gave him a wave!

Hope you gave him a little thumbs up as you rode past :slight_smile: Bet he was a biker.

Must of been good deed day yesterday with white van man, one stopped his van to remove a paving slab from the middle of the road. Top work fella!

I made sure I gave him a big wave - always makes my commute MUCH nicer when people do this.

Same as you I only crawl down the bus lane when the traffic is stationary. Most people don’t though.

White van men are like the knights of the road , I did slightly let the team down last week though … Took the van into a car park in slough , van went in fine …but I left my flashy lights outside the carpark :pinch: