Praise Tim "Scorch"

for having had to work on a Saturday and dealt with an hostile new generation Ducati. :smiley:
He fitted my full exhaust for a super friendly price!

Was good to bombard him with shitloads of newbie questions whilst I was pretending to help. He got rid of the cat box and disabled the exhaust valve by the time I managed to remove the (wrong) side panel :hehe:

Tim, many thanks for releasing the beast… or the tractor, like someone called it earlier today :stuck_out_tongue:

He actually managed to do it?

Good on you Tim

Can you please PM me Tim’s details?


Ooooh oooh Tim is still freelancing? Thanks for letting us know! :slight_smile:

check the dates :rolleyes:

but i guess doesnt hurt to ask him anyways.

The date is like a month ago… no?

Tim has been working full time for a couple of weeks so he’s not got that much spare time as before.

Ohh fair enough, didn’t know that!

Just wanted to get a price for removing the Akra exhaust from the CBR and putting the stock one back on.


It’s true I’m afraid, I’ve traded my soul for a decent salary.
I’m working 6 days a week, 6am until 7pm, so my days of bimbling about with a 13mm spanner in my back pocket are over. :frowning:

hehe… that’s absolutely fine :slight_smile:

All the best with your new job…

Out of interest, any ideas how much I should be paying for such a job? (Remove the after market exhaust and put the stock one back on, on a CBR 600 RR)


!!! i could do that for you! or is there some extra special tool required?

No idea what is required for that work…

I ll look on google and see if it is something easy to do. Maybe I could try it myself…

Tim has been at it again, wrestling with Zee German chain no less and it put up one helluva fight but eventually capitulated.

Cheers Tim, after a couple of blasts up and down the M1 the new one is still attached :smiley:

I swapped my fountain of tea for his fountain of knowledge. Big thanks to Scotch for sorting out my brakes.

Is that a bottle of Scotch.

Make mine a Laphroaig

Sorry for the typo, should be Scorch, being awake for 24 hours can give you a muddled head.