Praise - The Motorcycle Clothing Company

Just ordered some Rev-it clothing from these guys. They agreed to send to sizes of trouser without charging for the second pair so I could try on for size. All turned up within a couple of days. Air-Force Jacket was great but trousers still too big. So they took them back and sent out smaller sizes without any questions.

Excellent service, friendly on the phone and a good stock.


Hrm, that’s quite smart, I don’t think I’ve heard of that service before. Nice idea.

nice one for this. been looking at the revit airforce jacket and was unsure about sizing so gonna be giving these guys a go when it warms up a bit. cheers fella :slight_smile:

mate how are you finding your jacket etc? i’m planning on getting the airforce jacket and challenge trousers for mainly hot weather riding but do you reckon they could be 3 season suitable? tested out the waterproof properties yet? any feedback you’ve got would help muchly. ta :smiley: