Praise - The Motorcycle Centre - Blindley Heath

Just thought a special mention was required to the fine chapos at the Motorcycle Centre. Three High Court Judges, 12 nationwide Police Forces and at least 47 different goody goody Church groups have all applied for me to never be allowed to ride the roads of Britain on a motorcycle ever again, and yet the chaps at the Motorcycle Centre have seen fit to ignore the kiljoys and sell me a new motorbike. Cheers guys.

They’ve offered a pretty good deal which includes putting the bike through an MOT for me, a full check over (which I know is usually standard, but sometimes these places don’t do em) and a three month warranty at their garage in case of any problems. On a second hand bike with their guarantee that they’ll collect and repair any probs without any questions asked I reckon that’s a good deal.

So watch this space. I’m pickin the bike up on Tuesday, and I’ve got three months to put her through her paces. Anything rattles bad or falls off, I’ll let you know how good they are for their word.

For anyone interested you’ll find them on Bike-Trader and they’ve got a good few bikes in store from old clangers at good rates, to some pretty recent hardware in pretty good nick…so if you’re down that way, they’re worth a visit…

They’re fantastic actually - was really impressed with them yesterday when we were down there - well worth a visit if you’re after a second hand bike.

Sounds good to me Tobe…good luck and seeya soon.

glad you are happy tobi, my daughter bought a gsxr on jap log book from there and they were brilliant .also their warehouse in lambs business centre is next door to my mates m/cycle business…