PRAISE - The Key Shop - High Road, Leyton

Well, after having my first Morning Commute with some of you this morning, my course in Leyton finishes 30 mins early so thought I gentle ride home would be nice… Got onto the bike and realised my disk lock was still on (not that I use it that much)

So, killed the engine and off the bike, and off with the lock… opened the under-seat storage where I keep my lock and “”" SNAP !!! “”"

I guess I did not realise the amount of force I was using as i had my gloves on (summer gloves BTW)

Trundled over to B&Q to get a pair of thin long plyers… 20 FCUKING QUID… (I had a pair in my tool kit under the seat)

So managed to get the key out and went back to B&Q saying that they are the wrong ones… (me bad) and got my monies back ! :slight_smile:

Anyway, still hacked off that my key was in 2 pieces, asked for a locksmith… and got pointed to The Key Shop

What a fella !! He did not have a key to match but made 2 types of keys for me to try…no luck… Final one he worked some locksmith magic and with a little wiggle… BRUM !!!

Life in the old girl… we went out of his way, stayed open for an extra 45 mins after closing and got me sorted… what a fella !!!

Top banana !!!

(Oh, and only charged me £7.50…

Sounds like a top bloke. Glad you got it sorted!

I hope you dropped a good tip, so we get the same service :smiley: