Praise Tesco / Shame LB

So I went to Tesco hoping that they would have some veg. Guess what!? They DID! :smiley: I couldn’t believe my luck. Took it, went to the cashier. Paid quickly and was on my way. Soooooo happy right now! :smiley:

Is it just me that gets annoyed with LB’ers that praise about a standard transaction? Did they send the item that you bought? Great! But standard service expected. Now if said seller did cartwheels whilst blowing pink and blue bubbles out their butt to deliver by hand, giftwrapped then PRAISE that $hit :smiley:

Anyhooo. Off to work. Praise thread coming if I get paid :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s only the newbies getting excited

I’m thinking a “I’m never drinking again” thread is more likely :w00t: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah but then when someone puts up a SHAME thread with good reason, they quickly get lambasted for it :ermm:

It was a little tongue in cheek. As for the shame threads, well, everyone loves a little flaming :smiley:

Next topic, erections :stuck_out_tongue:


So young to be so cynical…

Our work here is done!

The issue though is - what IS the definition of “good reason”?


I’ve been here too long

Omfg rolfcopter! I meant elections! Hahahaha. Stupid phone hahahahahahahahaha

praise or shame? hold on, i’ll ask your lovely half. :laugh:

When service is considered substandard. I know it can get incredibly ambiguous but praise where praise is due and shame where that’s due as well… Or so it should be

Tesco should be in the SHAME guys, cmon now :hehe:

Went into Tesco today, no fucking veg at all. Had to go down the road to Sainsbury’s!

I think it’s just useful info for us - who to avoid and who gave OK/great servive. Perhaps ‘praise’ isn’t the best decription if we’re being pedantic but I’m always pleased to have someone confirm a business did an OK job as expected rather than walk in uninformed and assume they do an OK job.