Praise. T.D.J. Chain lube stick.

Big thanks to Trackday Junkie. Mine is 14 inches long and locates snugly under the exhaust bracket of my Daytona 955. (Probably fit your PINK Speed Triple Westie :))

Ahh the ancient art of the tripod stick eh?

Use it wisely young man;):smiley:

Nothing like a solid bit of wood and some nice lube first thing in the morning :smiley:

Is 14 inches up to your requirements?:w00t:

It’ll do :w00t:

Thats a bit of a whopper:w00t:

Makes my 12 inces look a bit sad:D



What’s this? How does this work? By the photo it looks like a prop to provide better access to the inner side of the chain for lubing purposes, but wouldn’t this put a lot of strain on the sidestand?

It works on the three legged milking stool principle and is as safe as houses:w00t:

Thanks CM I will have to get one of these myself, of course I will be getting the 15" model so I can outdo Jetstream.

Ah but you’ve got to know how to use it… size isn’t everything :stuck_out_tongue:

Being spontaneous counts. We improvised with a bit of fence post from behind Julie’s shed and used the saw accordingly.