Praise: Steve....

Praise be to Steve, incognito bike electrician in Thornton Heath!

As recommended by choprocker, donners, eezyrider and now me.

This guy knows his onions and made short work of my piffling indicator problem :).

Also a proper nice bloke.

He doesn’t need to advertise as he gets enough business through recommendations like this. I know this because for the hour I was there today four other assorted bikes with various electrical problems rolled up at his ‘secret’ location.

So if you need any electrical work done properly and can’t stomach main dealer prices or waiting times then he’s your man. His number is 07870280288

Oh and thanks too to the guy (sorry didn’t get the name) who was having the hotgrips fitted for his trip to the TT :Whistling: -for letting me skip the queue.:smiley:

Just a quick re-praise of Steve for sorting out an electrical problem for me again today.

He’s now moved his operation to a new secret location in South Croydon but still the same top-notch service. Good to have a chat and see the various projects going on there too. :slight_smile:

Shame he didnt sort them both out at the same time, or maybe you havnt ridden much inbetweentimes :smiley:

i presume he didnt have 2 probs at 1 time cos i have no doubt if he did steve would have sorted em both at same time. :smiley:

In line with my Less is More philosophy I decided to resurrect an old post…if that’s okay with you.:wink:

Well there was one problem that was similar but different to the problem last year- fuses blowing on the indicator/horn/rear light circuit. Steve sorted it and also fitted a replacement tail light for me. Seeing as the fuses had blown in the heavy rain we had this week he thought it was probably water getting in through a slot under the seat which the exhaust box of the original cans used to cover. So now I’m looking at getting an extension for the rear fender and filling the 'ole.:)As for not riding so much you’re right JS. Wanting to take advantage of the weather and ride tomorrow but it’s just not happening at the moment due to family duties taking precendence.

Does Steve fit alarms?

Honestly don’t know…you’re best to call him and ask eh…

the man is capable of doing anything with bike electrics.

will pm ya his number give hima call and ask.

just noticed number is at top, lol