Praise Steve Jordan Motorcycles in Bookham

Having had issues with my front brake system on the SV, presumably due to the crash at Snetterton, I phone Steve Jordan motorcycles who are rammed out with work. They agreed to look at my braking system if I could drop it in, not the bike, just the whole front system. I was told that they would probably bring it to Mallory park for me as they really were busy.

Well I have just had a call, its already been done and I can go collect. Dropped them off Saturday and Steve was in Valencia supporting some race teams over easter, didn’t get back until yesterday and exhausted.

So huge huge thanks to Steve jordan motorcycles for going out of their way to get my brakes done ready for me to race at Mallory Park.

Let me know if you want me to pick up for you either tonight on way to Waterloo or another night straight from work.

A lot of people have good things to say about teve Jordan & his business. Must be doing something right…


Nice one Chuffster! That’s great service. The sort of thing that would make me want to go back! Good luck for Mallory!

I have nothing but the highest regard for Steve and his operation, always willing to help and extremely experienced. There is not a lot he doesn’t know about setting up a Suzuki, let alone other bikes, and they can obtain a wealth of parts as well. Rest of the staff are happy and friendly and being just round the corner from BoxHill is a major result as well.

and they used to do loan bikes, well the did when I was last there about 5 years ago?