PRAISE; Southern Cross

Well after all the recommendations… I finally went with Southern Cross in Kilburn for my servicing needs. All I can say is… wow… very impressive. [BigGrin] The guys spent the best part of the day fitting my braided hoses, smaller front sprocket, and a speedo healer (as well as my 7.5K service) and had no problems with me ‘loitering’ around the workshop.

The speedo healer was more a pain in the a**e than I realised and I didn’t expect them to calibrate the unit but the guys dealt with everything in their stride as well as using their on-site rolling road to setup the speedo with the new sprocket.

Highly recommended and definitely worth visiting. [Smile]

Oh and a lot cheaper than I expected… bonus!

They’re brill in Southern Cross :slight_smile:

+1 these guys rule.