Praise - Southern Cross Motorcycles

… These guys did a good job in turning around my FireBlade in 2 days. Full Service/valve check. It’s just what my bike needed during winter after 4000 miles of abuse since summer. The engine feels a lot slicker and smoother despite the winter weather. An honest bunch of guys with sound advice. Either I was really hung over/stoned or what not, but I swear my bike came out cleaner than when I took it in. Fair enough I had to pay a reasonable amount, but it definitely feels like money well spent. Been using them since my ped-boi days and will encourage people to use them. I guess now that I’m employed instead of a being a student bum makes you realise that you can afford such luxuries for the bike (Sod home servicing outside on a cold & snowy drive!).

Cheers guys.

How much was it titz?

Are southern cross the place behind the arches in kilburn?


it was quite pricey but most if it was engine work, greasing bearings etc, lubrication sort of stuff… the kinda stuff that I definitely wouldn’t be bothered doing in the cold. Engine was running sweeter after the service and so were the brakes so chances are they bled the system through, but I paid £400 for it… seeing it was a MAJOR 24k one. (I tend to skip the 16k valve check and leave it all at 24k’s so that’s usually once every 2 years).