Praise - Southern Cross Motorcycles (SCM)

Just want to post about the great service I got from Southern Cross Motorcycles up in Kilburn North London.

1st, I got a full 18K service for my Factory with a bang on price

2nd, went a couple mile down the road and f/ing crashed (note that not looking before crossing the road is F/ING…SILLY!!!) . After calling them to come pick up the bike, Don was there with the van in 10min and before I was taken off to hospital I knew that my P&J was being looked after.

If you ride an Aprilia and want it set up spot on and serviced for a very good price then I say visit

I have a shame post for an Aprilia dealer just outside of London who I’ll be naming once my warranty runs out with them.

I’ll be going back to SCM late Aug to start of Sep (after this bloody cast is taken off) for an 07 RSV

Yea great bunch over there i live just round the corner and always take my honda there. I think there are a couple of guys that work for a honda dealer that work there too. Very good guys indeed!