PRAISE Sos motorcycle recovery


Ive been a bit hesitant to post this due to my stupidity in the situation. I have free recovery, and have used it 3 times in my 3 years riding. The 1st and 2nd time where genuine faults one with the cdi and the other with the carbs. I found SOS to be professional, friendly and an overall good service.

The third time, i did a silly thing. I stayed at my friends and lef the bike in gear. I completlety forgot and obvoiously bike wouldnt start and the diagnostic sweep that the gsxr does wasnt priming the fuel pump as it usually does.Checked vereything (i thought) kill switch, fuses, wires…etc took the whole back end apart.

Called SOS he spotted i was being an idiot! I felt stupid but he was very good about it especially seeing as it was 10 am on a saturday!

So cant fault them really good stuff!!!

I never left my bike in neutral…What’s wrong in leaving it in a gear?

Unfortunately, I’m on first name terms with most of their drivers by now…

Presumably it doesn’t start in first with the sidestand down. The BM was like that, but the Kwak starts with it down - urs was prob the same Rottie, but stalled as soon as 1st is selected.

Never mind Anil, these things happen

We just don’t admit to them… ya woodentop

When ever your bike doesn’t start its usually something really simple, but then you go into this silly panic mode and logic kind of flys out the window

Its happened to me many time, I’ve walk my old bike home because it was turned off on the killswitch and I didn’t bother checking lol.

I need a little bit of work done to my bike soon so I might give SOS a try

What threw me wa snot that the side stand was down but that the bikes fuel pump made no noise. usually u can here it prime, and it just didnt occur to me that was a safety feature…u can start the bike but only aftre teh fuel pump is already active i.e.been in neutral and say u stall it!

Never mind eh!

Had cause to call SOS recovery a few weeks ago (just for a quote) to take the bike 2½ miles up the road to the Yammy dealer.

Over 80 quid they quoted!

Fook dat. If it aint free through your insurance, then think carefully before calling them.

I’ve used them twice, and got the same bloke both times. The last time was a couple of weeks ago when my exhaust fell apart on Blackheath at 6.50am on a Saturday morning. They were there in an hour, provided a temporary fix and I rode home.

The previous time was after a long day at work at 7pm in Southwark I discovered a very large pool of oil under my bike. He was on scene within 30 mins and got me home an hour later.

Nice bloke, very chatty, talked a lot about 2 strokes like the RD350LC when we were kids ( we were roughly the same age)

They’ve both been done through my breakdown cover so didn’t cost me any extra…

I think they are great …

… although one driver banged on and on about how my bike wasn’t the best and I should get an Oakey Kokey 1000 ( or whatever )