Praise: Sookie

No, not the True Blood girl…

Wanted to post this yesterday already, but forgot later on, meh.

Anywho… If you’ve seen Andre’s thread here ->
he was kind to take me along on Saturday and gave me both tickets for Sunday. That alone’s already a praise worth! Thanks again :slight_smile:

Secondly, which I’ve also mentioned to Andre already is, I’ve never ridden with him before somewhere, so it was interesting to see how it’ll go.
All went great and what I particularly liked and unfortunately do rarely seen from others (me included probably), is that Andre made sure that he positions himself in a way that he’s in the mirrors of the cars on the other lane
as well as always in my rear mirror, no matter my position. It was really good, quick glance and see he’s there, instead of moving head around trying to find the other bike. Makes things a lot easier and more relaxed!

Can only recommend that to anyone :slight_smile: