Just rode 30 miles home in a torrential downpour, hands a bit damp and back of neck from lid run off…but my tootsies were BONE DRY and warm, thats the first real test Ive put them through rain wise and they passed with flying colours, also kept feet warm in depths of winter in all the snow, these are highly recommended by moi :slight_smile:

and they are comfy off the bike walking around and “break” in quickly :slight_smile:

Steve, are you sure you are talking about the right boots? :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the Evo black rain boots exactly for the rasons you have listed but they did not seem to be god enuf for me. I have had them for a year, wore them quite a few times, all thru the winter and still I haven’t managed to break them in. Everytime i ride the bike in rain and take my boots off my socks are soaking wet.They are stiff and when I walked in them last winter I did my ankle in and limped for over two weeks :w00t:

I still have my old Sidi black rains and prefer them over my new Evo ones:ermm:

yup black rain evo’s bought just before winter and I use my bike all year round, cant fault them :slight_smile:

lucky you:cool: I had the worst ever experience with them…wish I could chase up another new pair of the old black rains…:crying:

+1 on all of the above, had mine for 2 years now, zip pull bust on one of them and was replaced by Sidi. Other than that perfect and mine too have been 100% waterproof from the start! :smiley: