Praise - Sidcup Motorcycle Tyres

Well, in total contrast to FWR I’ve found a cracking motorcycle tyre place that has excellent customer service, is good value and fitted two metzeler road tecs to the firestorm without any hassle whatsoever. I wasn’t sure what sort of tyres I wanted and Terry (i think he’s the owner) explained the difference between each type of tyre they offered and I ended up going for the road tec on his recommendation.

Here’s their website.

Yes I second that, SMC is a good little shop and the guy does very good job, the only nag I have with them is that their prices are not as competitive as FWR.

Very true Fran! But for me piece of mind is worth far more than the few pounds I would save at FWR.

+1 on recommending SMC.
Not the cheapest, but I’ve always had good service from them, and they carry a decent stock so its rare they don’t have have what I’m looking for.
Was due to go on a trip up to Scotland last summer and needed a new rear, but got held up at work. Thought there was nothing to loose by calling in on the way home, so turned up to their door almost three quarters of an hour after they should have shut. Alan was tidying away and about to lock up, but he still changed the tyre for us.