Praise Scorch

needed plug changing, and oil filter cleaning (badly)

very good and fast service indeed, and very well pleased with my new iridium plugs.

i know the clean filter makes a hell of a lot of difference but i can feel the performance has improved quite considerably :smiley:

Well done Scorch! At this point you two are coming out tomorrow, right? :smiley:

not sure about that dude, still need recovering from the flu. weather for tomorrow seems quite phish though.

It was like performing open heart surgery on her infant child. She paced up and down a lot. :wink:

I can imagine lol :smiley:

And chain smoked whilst mumbling incoherently, yes? :smiley:

oi!!! :smiley:

Tim is a legend, again ze german machine put up a brave fight with a seized bolt but eventually capitulated :smiley:

The things he has to put up with :w00t:

Tim you are a legend (again)