Praise: Scorch

As usual, exemplary work from Tim.
New speedo, head race bearings, CCT and put up with my request for rear shock spacer last week.
This week he worked like a crazy octopus on speed to finish a tail tidy mod before I ‘raced’ off to my wife’s 12 week scan. Never seen someone solder so fast. Challenge Peacock. Could be a TV series.

Thanks also to Dan and his Dad for sheer entertainment and a much needed pasty.

LOL you’re right about that, they should have their own tv show. I fear Dan would have a more ‘rated’ ideas though :smiley:

i dont think the world is ready for a tv show with me and my father

but if i was to have a tv show rather its be called Daniel Does… and i go round doing women from all around the world starting with you alba :wink:
maybe you and me could do a promo to get the ball rolling :smiley:

As predicted :smiley: :smiley:

I think your stage name should be Randy Dan :smiley:

get a room you two (whistling)

I’d watch Challenge Peacock.
Daniel’s Knob Rot Tour of less interest.

@Alba i predict you and me doing the wild thing in the not so distance future :wink: and already have one is Big D :wink:

@Rosso thats the plan :slight_smile:

@P Dave you know you would be a avid viewer even tivo it :smiley: