PRAISE: Rubber Ranch

Mike from Rubber Ranch:

This guy is brilliant. Called me in the morning. Gave good advice on three different tyres i could use. Set up a time. He turned up. looked over bike and then set away to work. Very professional, good paced and alot of care went into the tyre changes.

Everything was greased up, torque set and put back as he found it. abba stand for bike. I usually worry when people work on my bike, but i didnt this time and all is well with the bike today after a good blast.

I mentioned LB and he was very chuffed i found him on here via the praise and shame thread.

I got tyres and all fitted/greased/chain adjust for £266 which in my eyes is a bargain!!!:smiley:

also got 2 little stickers and a key ring fob for free!! (its the little things sometimes)

Check out the site. Operates a large area and said was willing to travle slightly out of it.

10/10 :smiley:

Good post - really useful to know about good supplier like Rubber Ranch.

The name is even dodgier than essential rubber though. Can’t they call themselves tyre ranch or something?