Praise - Road and Track Dyno / MSG Racing Herts

Just had a dyno run and power commander setup by Gavin and Shaun at Road and Track Dyno in Halton Herts (01296 623131)

After all the problems i’ve had with my prevous encounter with a professional bike workshop it was great to finally find one with a true passion for all things bikes… The Duc needed quite a few runs to get sorted but they stayed open late and supplied numerous cups of free coffee until the job was done. :cool:

The Duc is transformed and I can’t wait for some decent weather to really try her out!! :w00t:


Excellent news, now where are the charts;)

I think i saw you up there :smiley:
I was on the Red/Black R6 :wink:

+1 Those guys in Road and Track are rated!
Gav is really helpful and explains what he is doing to ur bike!

Keep up the good work guys! :smiley: