Praise - RBT

Written on here before about Nick at Revolution Bike Tech in Kingston.

As many of you know a couple of weeks ago I crashed, and had to get some help to do some jobs on my bike.

Nick kindly let me put my bike in his workshop, he stripped her down, did the forks, replaced the subframe bit of fabrication here and there to make her how she looks, and loads more to get me back otr a.s.a.p - despite having a shitload of work on already!

The bike started out looking like this

Then after a crash looked like this

So I decided to make her a little different (i couldn’t afford new bits!):

new forks & headlight

clocks, levers, mirrors

with headlight

then a quick lunch break

and time for wiring

and im a happy bunny!

It really does look very very different now - some of you wont like it - but i loves it!

And now it’s called “Short Circuit”. Yes, after the movie…!


I was really pleased that Nick sacrificed his Sunday to help me out.

He also improved the handling in his spare time - stiffening some stuff up - making them SV front forks feel like forks instead of pogo sticks! Dnd lowering the front end to help with handing. It really feels amazing to ride now :smiley:

I’m SO SO SO happy with it. I know some people will definitely not like it… I know some people will be ambivalent about it. To me it doesn’t make sense - it no longer looks like many bikes ive seen - but handles and goes supremely!



Nice one Chris , now come and get the remains of her out of me shop please ;):P:):):):):):):slight_smile: and I will take SC out !!

I’ve only got a tyre fixed by Nick but thought he was very helpful and efficient.

It looks mental and excellent to see you back on the road!!