[Praise] Rapid Bike Recovery (Steve Coomes)

I’d just like to say I’ve had the pleasure of using Rapid Bike Recovery twice recently.

First time was a few weeks ago to collect my crashed ER6F.

Second time was today to pick up my SV1000S from some sleepy village in the middle of nowhere, 150 miles away!
He was happy to take on the task even though the job was at short notice.
Steve showed a great deal of knowledge and commitment to his work. He takes time to make sure the bike is fastened and secured for transit.
He even drove half a mile down the road, pulled over, got out and fully inspected all the straps just in case anything had loosened up.

Also rather than me paying silly money for a return train ticket Steve was happy to pick me up and drop me home with the bike.

Stick this in your phonebook.

This is a pic of my SV1000S after 150miles miles of transit.


Nice bike !!!


Thanks guys.
Have some moar!

mmmmmmmm SV1000’S make me dribble:D

love them!

Steve warned me about you.
Them Scorpion exhausts were a must! Makes it sounds like god is coming!

Steve’s a great guy :cool:


he’s a good man is steve.

defo, my old one had Scorpion’s, i miss rolling off the throttle and lettin the thunder come:D

Had the pleasure of using he’s services before good guy and reasonable prices