Praise - RAE Motorcycle Training (Wallington/Croydon)

Did my A2 with them last week, they are based in wallington and use the croydon test centre

Martin, the instructor, was great…assesed how good i was and then suggested a 2 day course. booked a test for a few weeks later costing £299 for the 2 day plus test fee. and i got through with 3 minors, and the guy before me with 1 minor!

just for info…i did the test on my CBR125, after being on a cbt and riding for about 3 months [1700 miles or so]. before the course i tried to get observations etc all in check, but during training you get a whole lot more experience with proper technique!

So yeah if you’re lookin to do your test around croydon, defo check them out!

Wife did CBT with them, very good, relaxed atmosphere great training, son taking CBT this week, wife taking test soon, 3 day course with test after:w00t::w00t: