Praise: RAC rescue

I’d like to thank the lovely person who ‘rescued’ me and Mole (my bike) yesterday from the A3 in Wandworth. He was really kind and enthusiastic, and he’s a real biker :smiley:

And the lady who took my first call, she was really nice too, and made me feel better about the whole thing.

And they were both spot on with waiting times and there was no problem with them finding me.

Just an all round nice experience to an otherwise crappy day.

So thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear you needed rescuing. I confess I was very impressed with the RAC, both the people on the phone and the person who attended - I was just the other side of Clapham Common by the Tea Hut. The driver arrived in 30 minutes on a Monday rush hour and worked hard to sort out the problem. He wasa biker also.

I’ve always found them great, though I do try not to use 'em :stuck_out_tongue:

I broke down on the M3 at 3am on the way back from weymouth. The operator was jumped up twat who was rude and didn’t give a toss that I had been on the road since midday. He also said that the RAC do not fix bikes on the side of the road. I wasn’t impressed with that news.

The man who turned up was really nice though. He worked for a recovery firm as the RAC don’t operate after a certain time. He took my bike to the yard near Basingstoke and kept it there for 2 weeks without charging me. His collegue had a look at the bike and made some suggestions of what could be wrong. They helped me load the trailer and reversed it out of the yard for me. Bloody nightmare reversing bike trailers! Top guys at Mendum motors but that RAC op was a total a*hole.

Time before that, I called them out to help change my car tyre. The operator was lovely and friendly and very helpful and the RAC man was the same. Damned shame the next time I needed them, it was a let down. It’s good to know that bad experience was not typical of their service.

The bloke I had from the RAC was really helpful and took my bike to bits at the roadside to try and get me going - just kept blowing the fuel pump fuse, got it sorted and off I went so probably just depends on who you get :slight_smile:

1 of my mates works for the RAC and covers between Blackheath & Lower Thames St, he says that its down to the driver to try and have a go. Theres no company policy about not fixing bikes at the roadside so if they can they will :cool: