Pyo has been begging em to make a praise thread for him, and since he did find my handle bars on ebay for me, I guess I owe it too him… So here you go biatch :smiley:

But seriously, cheers mate :slight_smile:

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - NO HOMO

begging? hahaha u fag!!!


next time u spend 3 weeks looking for a part… good luck :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks tho
xxxxx-NO HOMO

Hahaha just kidding. You know I owe you one :blush:

Lots of manlove flying around! :smiley:

toooo much man love

Bit of Bromance haha.

You two need a room! :smiley:

raquib u can join in!!! :smiley: but count me out… :stuck_out_tongue: way too much man loving for me

Okay. Gayest thread ever. ;[