Praise Pro Tyre Enfield


They’ve been praised on here many times before and I had a great experience once again at the weekend. I’m really pleased to have found this place after Essential Rubber sadly closed. I bought a pair of Bridgestone S22s for a good price and I’m pretty sure they adjusted the chain too which was a bonus. Their staff are genuine motorcycle enthusiasts too. Definitely worth considering if you are after new hoops. Their website is here.

If you are riding up there from South or Central London Consider going up the M1 (or A1) then round the M25 and down the A10 as the route through town is pants, especially now that the 406 is blanket average cameras.


Coincidentally, I was in there with my sister this afternoon. I say Dan the tyre man with his ZX6R.

Same as you, I was a regular customer at Essential Rubber, and they did beat everyone else on price. Yet Pro Tyre is in my area, and they too do have reasonably good prices. But the big benefit to me is that Dan has cleaned my wheels for me when he changes the tyres. He’s also very knowledgeable about most things bike related.


How much for the s22 fitted mate?


£313.08 for the pair.


Shit the bed