Praise - Pole Position

So, I’ve been a regular user of Pole Position located on the Highway just to the east of Tower Bridge for the last couple of years and so far been v happy with the service. Now I’m an ecstatic fan – here’s why.

About a fortnight ago my 2005 blade developed some fuelling issue such that it ran like a bag of spanners when warm to hot, and would stall after it kangarooed me up the road. Took it in to PP on Sat 16 April who adjusted the throttle bodies and gave it back to me. Took out on the Sunday and problem not fixed so returned it to them Monday morning. They said probably couldn’t get it done on Monday as had a full book, but would look at it Tuesday. I told them I was off to N Wales on Saturday to ride Anglesey track, had booked everything months in advance, got pink ticket from wife & kids etc, such that if couldn’t go I’d start crying. I was assured by the owner and one of the mechanics that I spoke to that it’d be fixed for me by COB Thursday and that I’d get out on the track / away to Wales.

Thinking what incredible bad luck I had, and that the problem wasn’t clear cut, I posted a question on LB for other’s perspectives on source of the potential problem: After much frustration at PP trying to find the problem through Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I picked it up on Thursday afternoon and the flooding at low revs / staling had been cured meaning my weekend in the sun was looking up.

Turns out there were a number of electrical problems causing error codes to the ECU, the main culprit being to the exhaust servo which, as I have an aftermarket can, wasn’t registering correctly and caused the temperature gauge to throw a wobbly. Note use of the technical term. By turning the servo setting it seemed to re-set the exhaust servo and ECU and so all was good. The mechanic had spent Wednesday night surfing biking forums in his own time for potential details on the fault as it wasn’t something that ordinary, and had ended up with the exhaust servo by process of elimination. Talk about dedication.

So thanks to the formidable chaps at PP pulling out all the stops to get it sorted in time, I was able to have an amazing ride up to North Wales on Saturday, hoon around Anglesey track on the Sunday and back home Monday. All in the most amazing weather and not a spot of rain. I’ll certainly be returning to PP!