PRAISE - Pole Position

The most honest and hardworking mechanics I have ever come across in europe :slight_smile: :cool:

Dropped by kawasaki zx6r j1 last week for a carb rebuild and balancing and brake service. Went on Saturday to pick it up and because I said that the bike was not performing better than before, they insisted to keep my motorbike until they perfectly balance it and tune it to the best, without charging me for the extra work. The actual words that Greg said were: “I am not giving you the bike like that, if it was working better before we are going to strip down again and see what’s going wrong.”

In addition they run a compression test on my engine for free and the overall price was reasonable.

I will definetely go back again and I very highly reccomend them to the forum.

Let’s just hope they actually did the work in the first place :P:w00t:


pole position on the old kent road i assume.

who needs the luxuries of a clean cup for your coffee when the guys in there are as i good as i have found out on more than one occasion.


yeah they are good; had my brakes done there recently
can always pop to the service station just down the road for a coffee

don’t get them talking about their racing days, you’ll never get out of the place :smiley:

<pedantic mode>Unless they’ve moved since 17/10/08 they’re actually on the New Kent Road, junction with Harper Rd, not the Old Kent Road…</pedantic mode>

Yep. It is in New Kent Road, and they’re still there, although last time I was in there they said they were looking to move into new premises.