Praise - Pole Position

I needed to get my gps hardwired to my bike, so i turned up outside pole position in 155-157 New Kent Road at around 10am this morning and Greg and his team promptly looked after me, and got everything done at an unbeatable price.

I was received with an unsolicited Hi! and a smile.

The mechanics are friendly and committed. The owner is friendly and customer service focused, i also got a coffee while i was waiting for the job to be done :slight_smile:

excellent, highly recommended A1 service! :smiley:

They are A+ service. I have them fix my previous bikes, super fast and great service.

they are just round the corner from me, only heard good things about them
they sourced some honda bolts for me at next to nothing

must agree. Being close to my office i use to take my 636 there.

I dropped my bike near tower hill once and the gear lever snapped off.

I had to ride in 2nd gear across Tower Bridge/ Tower Bridge Rd to get it to Pole Position who assured me they would have a fix for the problem.

After a lot of banging and filing down they had managed SOMEHOW to make a gear lever from a random bike fit and work on mine to get me home.

They didnt even charge for what took him almost an hour and the next day he had got the correct part from a breakers and swapped them over.

Good guys in there BUT not the place to go if you expect a clean cup for your coffee if you’re waiting OR if you expect your bike to be washed after every service…


:slight_smile: :smiley: forgot to mention that…but hey you can’t have it all :stuck_out_tongue:

i’d recommend using the BP garage near by to get a coffee ;):stuck_out_tongue: