praise Performance bikes magazine

big praise and thankyou to performance bike magazine for such an awesome feature on my bike this month! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Do you have a copy:w00t:

it’ll probably be up on the shop wall somewhere :smiley:

i have 3… :smiley:

some pretty pictures :slight_smile:

and lets not forget the centre page poster :Whistling:

sweeeet :smiley:

I read this article the other night and thought that is a cracker of a bike and love the commuter usage. Awesome.

I’m slowly doing the same-ish thing to a SRAD 750 - long live the 90’s!

congrats again

WTF have you done to the front tyre :w00t: (centre spread pic)

Looks like a scanner distortion error at the magazine fold. :wink:

when you ride as fast as me mate, thats what happens…:Whistling:

i saw a zx7 at bm last week multi colour one with an aprilia swing arm on it anything to do with you?

nice write up Matt. congrats on the feature :slight_smile:

Just bought the magazine and read the article :slight_smile:

Well done Matt, thoroughly deserved praise and a 5 page article! Woohoo!!

So how about that pillion ride…? :wink: