PRAISE:Oxford Products Customer Service

I picked up some of the Oxford Hot Grips last Thursday and had them fitted as part of my 12k service.

36 miles later the left grip started to rotate. It wasn’t a problem when riding, but was a problem when manoeuvring the bike on and off the centre stand etc as grip tended to rotate when the handlebars moved making a good grip impossible. I was at work and not looking forward to the 12 mile ride home if the throttle grip came loose as well.

I rang the dealer who fitted them who claimed to have used the adhesive provided and applied it properly to both sides, although I was not talking to the mechanic. I knew the instructions said to only use the special adhesive provided so I emailed the customer service address on the Oxford website at gone 10am saying the glue appeared to have failed and I needed an urgent solution. I got a reply just over an hour later. The “special” adhesive turns out to be any gel superglue! So £3 and 5 minutes later the bike is fixed - there was no sign of any adhesive to be cleaned off so I don’t think the dealer glued it properly, or at all! A further 36 miles and all is OK, but I have the superglue on the bike if needed!

I was very impressed with the prompt response, and the easily implemented solution from Oxford. Ewell Scooter Centre I am less pleased by, which is disappointing as their chief mechanic, Vernon has done some very good custom jobs for us and their prices for work have always been very reasonable.

Oxford products in general IMHO are very good…i have a full set of luggage and have never had any problems with them and i regularly use em.

Strong zips, stitching and bungee and not too expensive…

Hey mate, i had the same thing, fitted a set of the grips before going to devon, they started to rotate as i was on the motorway, now i have reglued them and they are fine. Ive also got some oxford luggage and it works really well!

Funny how things go; I had a serious run-in with OxProd’s Customer Services a couple of years ago over scooter-bags and Velcro.

Glad things have improved.

In contrast to the service you had, I have had nothing but greif from Oxford products. Hand grips which admitedly work but were subject to a bogus re call and a tank pad which was rubbish. Perhaps my email suggesting they look up in a dictionary what the two word customer and service meant worked.

From their website -